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What Does Sea Moss Do to the Body?

Sea moss is a type of seaweed that is rich in minerals and vitamins. However, many health claims are based on anecdotal reports or studies that have been conducted on other types of seaweed and algae.

5 potential benefits of sea moss


  1. May support thyroid function: Sea moss is a rich source of iodine and may support thyroid function.
  2. May support immunity: One study conducted on salmon found that supplemental seaweed improved the functioning of the immune system.
  3. May be good for the gut: Sea moss is a good source of live bacteria and fiber, so it may replenish the body with good bacteria and improve gut health.
  4. May help with weight loss: The fiber content of seaweed can make you feel full and curb your cravings for more calories.
  5. May improve heart health: Some studies have reported that seaweed lowers your low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, one of the risk factors for heart diseases.

Studies on sea moss and seaweed so far have been conducted in test tubes or on animals, not on humans. More research is needed to determine its medical benefits.

What is the best way to consume sea moss?


You can use sea moss in raw, gel, or dried form and add to soups and stews for its thickening effect.

Sea moss gel

  • Soak dried sea moss in water overnight.
  • Rinse the soaked sea moss and add it to a blender with clean water.
  • Blend the sea moss mixture into a smooth paste.
  • Refrigerate it until it turns into a gel.

Sea moss powder

If you have powdered sea moss, you can add it to juices and smoothies or sprinkle it over yogurt or cereal. You can also mix sea moss powder into certain dishes to create a gel-like effect.