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Bladderwrack Sea Moss

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Take 2-3 tablespoons a day. You can mix gel in with your smoothies, tea, coffee, soups or can consume right off your spoon. Make sure to store jar inside refrigerator. Sea Moss gel will last up to 3 weeks in refrigerator.

Health Benefits:
•Contains high levels of Iodine, which helps in treating thyroid disorders
•Contains alginic acid (a dietary fiber), which helps with constipation, but can also relieve diarrhea and keep bowel movements more regular
•High in phytochemicals , which help lower oxidative stress, an imbalance between free radical and antioxidant levels in the body
•May help with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
•Helps with stomach problems such as Gastritis, Indigestion & occasional heartburn as well as creates a barrier between sensitive stomach lining and irritants, like stomach acid
•May help speed up wound healing

**CAUTION: Those with thyroid disorders, such as hyperthyroidism, should exert caution when consuming, as it can lead to worsened symptoms